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Bobby's first novel the "8 Wisdoms" was written from his life experience. Bobby wanted to make the book more engaging, so he wrote it like a fantasy novel. He was inspired by books like, Og Mandino "The Greatest Salesman In The World" and "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. Bobby writes a story of why life is hard. In the end, you find out and learn along the way that life is what you make it and if you use the 8 Wisdoms, Life is Awesome.

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Bobby Glen James is an Accountability Leadership keynote speaker. He is also the host of the popular #Biz4Good show podcast, which has featured prominent guests such as John Lee Dumas and former NBA star, Mark Eaton.

Bobby has two decades of experience as a keynote speaker, training corporations across the United States, and speaking to hundreds of audiences about Accountability Leadership and Customer Service.​​​​​​​

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Mr. James, Bobby's father, was a war veteran with a mental disability. His disabilities prevented him from holding down a job, but he taught Bobby how to relate to everyday people and how to hustle. Bobby learned how to see opportunities that others didn't, how to pursue those opportunities creatively, and how to use good people skills to help close the deal. All this was because of the example of his fother. Bobby has had hard times and good times. He has made lots of money and lost lots of money. He wants to give back, so maybe you can make fewer mistakes by learning from him. 

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​​​​​​​The key to your success is two letters and one word...



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